Georgetown New American and Bakery and Sushi and More (So many things): Farmers Fishers Bakers

Hello everyone!

Last week, two friends of mine and I had the chance to go to Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown (I had been once before, however I did not plan on making a review… and then I got a 25$ gift card from someone and decided to listen to fate).

For all of you who don’t know, Farmers Fishers Bakers is associated with Founding Farmers, a restaurant that was highly recommended by quite a few people I know (I have yet to try it… and seeing that I am moving soon it seems that I might not be able to!). I first stopped by the restaurant when I was strolling through Georgetown with another friend and settled on grabbing lunch there. Long story short, I was satisfied enough that I had to go back (the 25$ gift card helped. a lot).

Before we start the review, a few things that were a bit off putting at the restaurant.

1. A huge Menu. and incredibly huge menu. I do NOT like big menus, it makes me worried that not everything is going to be the highest quality (this wasn’t totally the case for us so it’s ok). Also, it makes me wonder what the actual specialty of a restaurant is. The menu seems a bit scatter brained and without an actual focus, aside from using local ingredients and high quality stuff, etc. The nice thing is that they will have a dish for every customer, since they do have a huge menu.

2. The sashimi dishes are very expensive for very very small portions. The only reason this bothers me is that I know how much sushi-grade fish cost, and I know they don’t cost anywhere near enough to be given such a tiny portion of food for a high price (10$ for maybe three bites of fish).

3. Ordering drinks is odd. On one side they have really great cocktails, which taste amazing! On the other hand, you basically have to argue with the waiter to get you a drink that isn’t on the menu (I just wanted champagne with a bit of St. Germaine… is that too much to ask for?). I was charged 8$ for the champagne, and then 12$ for a shot of St. Germaine (when I only wanted enough to fill up the original glass the champagne was in… I was also not told how much the St. Germaine was but after the arguing I just did not want to ask again). I was basically ready to just drink water and not have anything else to drink.

Anyways, onto the food!

Crab Dip with flatbread

Crab Dip with flatbread

We all started with crab dip, which was served with warm, home made flatbread. Jesus Christ, I don’t care if you stop by and only order this, but order this. The Crab dip was really that good, and the warm flatbread which tasted like fluffy pizza bread was perfect for it! There is plenty of crab dip to serve as an appetizer for four people.

Marinara Pizza with fried calamari

Marinara Pizza with fried calamari

I ordered a Fried Calamari Pizza for my entree. This probably would have been better as an appetizer than as an entree, and I was also expecting a much smaller pizza (this is not a bad thing for future diners!) instead of a full sized pizza. The crust was perfect, and the calamari was really good (it was almost like… having calamari with marinara sauce… on flatbread… oh wait that’s basically exactly what it was! Teehee). I saved half of this pizza for my dad since I knew he’d also enjoy it.

Farmer's Daughter Sandwich

Farmer’s Daughter Sandwich

My friend got the Farmer’s Daughter Sandwich, she wasn’t too excited about it, as she thought that the Brie was a little bit too much (this is probably not a problem in my book for the record). I tasted the Sandwich and found it fine, although I wouldn’t have ordered it with so many other great options on the menu, such as…

Lemon Brick Pressed whole Chicken

Lemon Brick Pressed whole Chicken

This chicken was so good. The other person at the table ordered this one and it was great. The chicken was cooked perfectly and you could taste the lemon and herbs. It was an entire chicken, so the portion size was awesome!

We decided to skip out on dessert, nothing really screamed “order me”, and we were also about to go get coffee at Baked & Wired anyways.

Overall I’d say to visit Farmers Fishers Bakers, at least for the amazing Crab Dip. And, word from the wise, do not ask for any drink that isn’t on the drink menu, or else your waiter will argue with you about it.

Location: 10/10 Georgetown waterfront

Food: 8/10 (Food is all prepared very well, Bread is very good, Menu is a bit too expansive, no really interesting desserts)

Atmosphere: 10/10 (Upscale Georgetown restaurant.)

Service: 4/10 (Average service, waiters will argue with you about things that I have never had a problem with any other restaurant with before)

Price: Med/High (20-40$)

Overall Rating: 6/10 (Food/price, Atmosphere, Service)

Keep on forking!


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